in the field of Web Design & Development and eLearning. I am a highly motivated individual, dealing imaginatively and effectively with fast-changing, high-pressure environments. I create websites, mobile sites, user interface, visualization/conceptualization, wireframing besides past experience in flash design & AS 2.0.


  • Have been part of Super Star Award team twice at Yahoo. It’s a global recognition across the company.
  • Received 5 “Bravos!” from different people in Yahoo including South East Asia head, APAC region head for innovative designs, hard work and pushing the boundaries to create better experience for the users.
  • Won in-house “Designer of the month” award twice at Infopro India Pvt. Ltd.


A love of art was kindled in me since childhood. When I was in school I would participate in many art competitions and had won several awards and certificates even at state level. In 12th grade, I had been awarded as the best artist of the school. That achievement pushed my interest into design by leaps and bounds.

So I decided to enroll in computer institute CFCS in the year 1999 to do web designing and development course in parallel to my graduation (correspondence course) from Delhi University. Within a year I enrolled in to programming course including VB 6.0, Oracle and C# at STG as to acquire some knowledge of programming. While I was still doing the course I was given an opportunity to become a faculty at CFCS. From that point my professional career started off.

Later on I started designing websites and coding softwares at CFCS. I would develop accounting applications like Tally. After working for couple of years as a Lead Web Designer I joined another company SuperInfosoft Pvt. Ltd. in 2003 as a Multimedia Developer.

I would design and develop soft skilled e-Learning courses for public & governament schools. That required me to develop dynamic & static user interfaces in Flash. While working as a designer I became a hard core developer to boot, coding in Flash action script 2.0. I was appreciated by the head of the company for developing MS Powerpoint and Excel e-Learning courses for students which seemed no less than original application in terms of funtionality, experience and look and feel.

Post 9 months I joined FCS Software Solutions Ltd. as a Sr. Flash Designer & Developer in 2004 where I would work for Canon client on ideating concepts, visualizing SRS, designs for interfaces for interactive environment (digital medium).

After almost 2 years I joined Infopro India Pvt. Ltd. as a Project Lead in web design. As I wanted to get back to web designing domain which I started my career in after gaining good 3 yrs of experience in e-Learning. I led a team of 4 designers besides creating top class web designs and DFM & DIY web templates across 40 distant verticals for small and medium sized businesses with complete support catering the US market.

Four and a half years later I landed in Yahoo in 2010 as a Lead Visual Designer. I create custom Microsites for the premium advertisers of Yahoo! across India and South East Asia. I work closely with product and project managers to gather requirements and provide them with high quality custom solutions. I also work closely with web developers and engineers across a variety of verticals to deliver the creative, business driving design solutions and provide UED feedback and interact with sales on pitches to the clients.


Finally after working for 4 years in Yahoo I decided to pursue other career opportunities and joined BCG (Bostong Consulting Group) in January 2015 based out of Gurgaon. I work as a Knowledge Expert here. My primary responsibilities are to lead UX/UI team, define best design practices and guidelines as to produce intuitive and elegant solutions for the clients. In addition to that I also work as a representative for our architecture team, utilizing UX principals, methods and techniques. I collaborate with all stakeholders: engineers, business managers, designers and writers to achieve the most user-friendly and harmonious solution. Utilizing industry best practices and design standards; working knowledge of modern UX methods (personas, wire-framing and A/B testing).